Wednesday, February 1, 2012

IMPORTANT. Internet snooping Bill H.R. 1981 has been approved by a U.S. House committee, on its way to law.

If you know what SOPA or PIPA was then you know that it has effectively been thrown out the window. But what you may not of known is the bill that is making its way through our government to law.

Bill H.R. 1981

Please read more about it here on an earleir post I made

H.R. 1981 Information and what it means for you

If you are already caught up on it then what you need to know now is that like I said above a U.S. house committee has already approved of this data snooping bill and is now fast tracked and making its rounds on its way to becoming law.

This is very dangerous.

If you haven't already done so please click below to see how you can fight back. We already did it once with SOPA and PIPA so why cant we do it again? H.R. 1981 is a lot worse and yet no one knows about it.

Fight Back

Worse yet is a lot of people also still do not know what ACTA is. ACTA and H.R. 1981 are completely different. If you want to learn more of ACTA and how it would effectively censor the Internet on a world wide scale please click the link below.

ACTA - Worse then SOPA/PIPA

2012 may just be the end of the word. For the Internet at least. ACTA looks to bypass government laws by being an International treaty that the U.S. and 20 some other countries have signed and H.R. 1981 look to log and monitor EVERYTHING you do on the net.

There is still hope though. None of these are set in stone yet.

I urge (I'm actually begging you) to share this on facebook, twitter, myspace if you still use it, google+, youtube, your own blogs etc.

Do everything you can to get the awareness out. Both of these are on the verge of becoming a reality.


Learn to protect yourself online and remain anonymous and bypass Internet censorship

So what do you guys think about this? Please leave a comment below and share with everyone, it takes seconds to copy paste a link to facebook or any other social networking sites.


  1. I Google +, shared on fb and twitter!/CandidaJourney/status/164838235527319552!/permalink.php?story_fbid=177835532321491&id=1354836231

  2. Wow that is some ridiculous stuff...we need to fight back before its too late

  3. they just won't give up
    are they not afraid of how the people will react?
    a demonstration or show of force will obviously be necessary at some point

  4. wont someone please think of the children!!?

  5. Damn it. I shared this with everyone I know.

    I never bought the whole "freedom" story, but to think they'd go this far... We need a change, now. A real change.

  6. D:
    I didn't know this!

  7. Please make the world end now. It's ridiculous living in a world with internet censorship.

  8. I agree, this really need to just stop.

  9. hell in a hand basket =/ One step forward...two steps back.

  10. Wow. I'm writing a post on this, sharing it on twitter and doing whatever else I can to make this known. This is pissing me off!!! LEAVE US ALONE.

  11. I', so tired of my rights being trampled by the government! They will take every angle possible to strip us of any rights! God save the internet!

  12. I tweeted it to all my followers. Thanks for educating us! This whole thing is SCARY!

  13. great info, cheers for sharing

  14. They just keep making all these unnecessary steps to destroy the internet.

  15. Thank you, thats very interesting information. I need to share with my friends.