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Thank you for wanting to support us and our efforts :) I figured most people do online shopping today and that the majority of them do it on Amazon. So welcome! I'm not asking to buy something now or trying to guilt you into it (please please please lol) but if you do end up wanting to buy something from Amazon, I kindly ask that you do it through here :) These are just suggestions on the side so feel free to browse or use the search for your exact product. Amazon is protective of your purchases so don't worry about me knowing what you decide to buy. Also, it all ships from Amazon or their sellers, not me! Your privacy is safe! Please bookmark this for future purchases and share with your friends :) It would help us out so much. If you are curious why I'm doing this, then the answer is simple. Being a broke student sucks! And this goes to food. Seriously. Just make sure you buy though this shop so it counts. Thank you x100