Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How safe is police pepper spray? You may be surprised.. Infographic

I didn't really figure out how to solve the size problem I mentioned in a previous post, but I went back and tried some more hosting services like some of you recommended and while many didn't work I found that Image Shack does work.

So look forward to more infographic series. Yay. Here is one that I thought should get its own post. Considering all the cases involving police abuse and pepper spray.

Consider this, the above states it is 5x more powerful then Ghost pepper..and in case you don't know what that is, look at the below video of a brave, albeit stupid, but brave man eating one of those bad boys.

Skip to 1:20, just after he takes a bite.

Pretty nasty stuff. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below.


  1. That guy is an idiot.

  2. The police make me sick! I can't believe they sprayed people like that! Thanks for the info on pepper spray! Keep spreading the word!

  3. That's one scary infographic. But you need to have something that'll keep people under control.

  4. lulz that's nice and big!! and as to what I think, don't camp out on a sidewalk that people are trying to use to become productive members of society and you get a showered with pepper spray, pretty simple

  5. That really puts it into perspective, it really is starting to look more and more excessive.

  6. Wow, I didn't realize pepper spray was that strong.

  7. I've had someone lace a smoke I had put in the ash-tray with civilian mace. It sure hurt, I can only guess how those felt on the campus. Eye for an eye, I say.

  8. Heh, good info tip about how to clean it off. Oh and about the guy. Damn, I'm probably a bastard, but that was quite funny. It's funny because he actually decided to do that to himself. LOL. He should join "Jackass"!

  9. Wow that's just insane, can't understand how they are allowed to use this.

  10. Wow, I did not know all this. Pepper Spray's some pretty gnarly stuff...

  11. I knew it was bad, but not that bad.

  12. I've read much worse about it
    do you know what can happen if you use old pepper spray grenades? the kind you pull the pin launch into a crowd and it fogs up or the kind launched in grenade launchers

    sometimes they like to catch fire and can burn down buildings
    other times they can explode completely sending shrapnel flying everywhere
    other times the chemical becomes unstable and degrades over time and when it's used it's like a poison gas that'll definitively kill you without immediate attention
    and many others
    and do you know how often they actually replace these old canisters? not nearly as often as recommended with is generally in the 2 to 3 year range, and often they don't replace them even in 5 years and when they do they don't dispose of the old ones they just stick them in the basement in case they ever run out in an emergency

    1. Wow. Fuck that. I didnt know that at all. Ridiculous. I don't know how people can just not give a shit. Like the stupid nurses in a hospital near me that deliberately reused needles and gave some 500 people HIV. Fuck you die of cancer and go to hell.

      Shit is going to hit the fan one day because of negligence.

  13. ACAB

    Also i rofled at that guy...

  14. Ha that video.

    Holy shit, though, I didn't think police pepper spray was that strong. Fuck that's like major overkill. I'm betting that civilian pepper spray, hell, ground ghost pepper or even habanero will do the same exact thing with a lower chance of damage. That is police torture right there.

  15. I'm convinced that pepper spray and tasers are used far too often.