Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cop tasers handcuffed woman in the back, is now braindead. Video

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267lb trooper Daniel Cole tasered a 100lb 20yr old woman in the back as she attempted to flee while handcuffed. She fell to the floor hitting her head against the concrete and is now braindead.

"What were you thinking? What are you, stupid?," Cole can be heard asking Maudsley on the video.
"I can't get up," said Maudsley.
"I don't want you to get up," said Cole.
"I can't get up," Maudsley said again. The last words Maudsley has spoken since being tasered.

Last thing she said. You can hear it near the end of the video.

Now, obviously you shouldn't run from the police, it is just plain stupid. But cops do have a set of rules to follow, and  saying "well that's what you get!!" is an excuse.

You don't just go around tasering and pepper spraying people just because you can. If you watch the video again, the cop was no more then a foot away. He could of easily grabbed her, or tackled her to the floor.

What I think happened was, being nearly 300lbs the fat ass cop was too lazy to run and decided fuck it I'll just tase her.


He has been cleared of any wrong doing.

But here is the kicker, though he was cleared, the Florida Highway Patrol taser policy states that "Fleeing cannot be the sole reason for the deployment." Even though that's the case, he still got cleared.

She was originally charged with 2 hit and runs when they took her to the station and was the cop was about to take her inside to start paperwork when she tried to flee.


So what do you guys think? Justified or not?

My opinion is that he broke policy, and saying she shouldn't of ran is no different then saying shouldn't of been there, or said that, or wore that etc for other situation. And being a bad guy doesn't warrant excessive force. Its why police have a ton of policies they have to follow, and why we don't have vigilantism.

There also needs to be some fitness requirement to be a cop I mean really..267lbs..


  1. Justified !
    Yes he could've grabbed her , but she also could've reached for his gun in the process ,
    or possibly caused some physical harm to the officer involved. Just because she's small doesn't mean sh*t!
    I feel bad she is brain dead , but she made her choice to flee. She was charged with 2 hit and runs when they took her to the station.
    Let's not make all police out to be the bad guys. If she was innocent... I don't think she would've ran from the officer in the first place. She would've fought the law legally on the charges , and she wouldn't be in the condition she is in now. The responsibility weighs more on her than him.
    Good post :-)

  2. If a relative of the hit and run victims did half of this to her he or she would be in deep shit with the law. But because some fatass lazy man with a tin badge did it, its awwwwwww aiiiiight.

    Bullshit. Not only did he break policy, he just ruined her life. Regardless if she is guilty or not, or ran or not. If this happened to your wife husband son daughter or anyone you knew, would you still be on the cops side saying you shouldn't of ran! No.

    Did any of you people know that if you apply to be a cop, they can deny hiring you if your I.Q. is to high? Haaaaaa...why am I not surprised.

  3. Tragic, but justified.

    When I think of police brutality, I think of police officers enjoying the pain they put on the victim.

    I see no malice, the police were not rude, nor were they inattentive or slow in bringing aid. My sympathy goes to her and her family, but she wasn't there on scholarship.

  4. He may have been cleared by them but I don't see him being cleared by the Net any time soon. He should not have tazered her. Fair enough she shouldn't have run, but dammit. I guess as well that accidents happen. If she had fallen differently then she might be okay. Part of the reason she fell badly is because she was handcuffed. Then again I imagine if you're tazed you can't exactly try to fall safely.

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  6. Not justified!

    There should be a listing of things to go through. Can I grab here and be safe? Can I chase her and be safe? Is tasering her the only way to be safe?

    Disgusting. It makes me sick. This does NOT justify what she did. That was clearly wrong, BUT, is what she did so bad that she deserves to be brain dead?

  7. You hear about crazy accidents all the time with falling. I vaguely remember reading about someone walking and talking on a cellphone that fell and broke his neck.

    I think you have to look at intentions not strictly at outcomes. After the fact it looks like excessive force, at the time it may have not been.

  8. Police brutality really needs to be a bigger issue than it is.

  9. Every time cops beat up people like this it makes them look like jerks and people lose respect for them really fast

  10. Shes at a full run and he was scurrying! He could have caught her easily! Lazy ass cop!

    Also making her lie back down could be what caused the brain damage! After being hit her instint was to get up! Lying down could have moved her brain into a bad position!

  11. When do you tase a criminal?
    When do you tase a suspect?
    When do you run from the police?
    What do you do when a policeman starts hitting,
    spraying you and you're innocent? Waiting for the judge after your hospital release?
    We all have reasons to run, even the innocent ones - well, sometimes at least.
    The post up there it's a tragic mix out of an unlucky fall, a simple minded cop and the "luck" that she ran in front of a police car. Guess there are more cases like that, justified or not, but they are not recorded.
    BUT fat cops should get forced to train, they are a symbol...

  12. At least they're using non-lethal tasers rather than guns... but with her being handcuffed he should of had enough control of the situation not to need to taser her.

  13. I say it was unjustified. However, I'm surprised that the woman was able to sit-up if she suffered significant brain trauma.

  14. wow it's heated debate up in hur!!!!

    the highway patrol taser policy bit is pretty interesting as that is black and white, not subjective and not a matter of opinion.

    There are a lot of to come at this and honestly I think both sides have valid arguments. I sympathize with the 'justified' people, but I'm going to have to say 'not justified'

    I'm not going to bother listing reasons why as they've all been mentioned already, that plus the policy.

  15. this is horrible. HORRIBLE. There was an army of cops in there...this girl wasn't going to get away. That taser wasn't the only way to get her back inside. He got mad and or lazy and now this girl is a zombie.

  16. Justified. It was her fault that she got arrested and also her fault she got tasered when she tried to escape. This wouldn't have happened if she just cooperated. What happened to her head wasn't intentional and wasn't caused by the taser, but cause by the fact she she fell at high speed because she ran away.