Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oklahoma to impose "Violent Video Game Tax" to fight obesity and bullying? What?

Well now I have seen it all. Oklahoma State Representative William Fourkiller is proposing a violent video game tax on games rated "T" (Teen 13+) "M" (Mature 17+) "AO" (Adults Only)

All in the name of fighting obesity and bullying in kids.

Huh? I don't even..

According to this guy on the left (William Fourkiller) violent games make kids mean fat and lazy and want to bully others.

Mind you this is only his opinion. Nothing is fact or even proven. He just assumes that must be the cause.

Not the poor parenting of the kids, or the school atmosphere, or the crap in foods that make them addictive, or anything else. Just violent video games.

He wants to add a 1% tax increase to these games to go to "Childhood Outdoor Education Revolving Fund" and half will go to a "Bullying Prevention Revolving Fund," both of which would be created under the terms of the new law.


This is why I think its stupid. 1% on a video game ($60.00) is .60 cents. That's not a lot of money. Sure over a years time it can add up, but it wont help fight or prevent bullying or obesity. Which is not caused by games. Specifically violent ones. This guy is a idiot assuming stuff.

Instead why not tax unhealthy food? Or cut spending elsewhere or donate some of your huge paychecks I'm sure you get and fund commercials and campaigns to educate a lot of these dumb parents today that buy these bad games and food in the first place?

Or better yet, fund a community garden with healthy foods for low income families who cant afford it in stores.

But what do I know, I play violent games. I'm no state representative..

The bill - HB 2696, for those who want to check it out in full - is slated to come into effect, pending passage, on July 1. Whether or not it gets that far is an open question, however; a nearly identical law proposed in New Mexico in 2008 failed to make it through the state legislature.

Full story here

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  1. Yeah that's just ignorant thinking. As you say, food, specifically unhealthy food, which most food is nowadays adds way more to fat kids than video games. And until it's scientifically proven that video games make people violent, which will never happen, that's not a valid reason to tax it.

  2. wat
    thats exactly what i have to say

  3. Violent video games like GTA are the reason I'm such a good driver. True story.

  4. Fourkiller may be onto something. I remember when Pac Man was the most popular video game and my brother kept trying to bite me.

  5. Wow...

    I would be interested in seeing how the money from these funds is to be spent. Sounds like a "cushy 6 figure jobs for friends and family" initiative to me.

    Sin tax (and I'm not saying gaming is a sin, because that would be an even more retarded assertion than saying there is such a thing as sin) in any form is a joke. It's just a way to single out a demographic and act like you are doing it for their own good.

  6. Are politicians really wanting to get this world geared up for the end?

  7. Haha oh wow. I would not be surprised if this passes.

  8. This is one reason I call OK "Jokelahoma". This Fourkiller guy is such a joke. I bet he had to change his last name from "Smith" after losing to a buddy at some CounterStrike. He only got four kills to his buddies' one hundred, so he had to change his name to Fourkiller. He has since vowed to get back at the industry for his shame.

  9. Good luck to that guy!
    I'm waiting for the fart tax next.

  10. Dear God this is ridiculous. I really didn't think they could get any stupider.

  11. How many times do we have to have this argument about the content of video games falling under the protection of the First Amendment. Before video games people argued that the content of music was destroying the youth, before that it was books. When are we going to get over this nonsense?

  12. Fat kids are bullies? Aren't fat kids usually the one being bullied by the others for being fat? I don't think he knows what he's talking about.

  13. lol that just retarded. fyi to the guy that talking about doing this. video games make you skinny and eyes bloodshot if played long enough. it also improve communication skills and among other skills. maybe he should try them once in a while. then he can pull that fake golden stick out of his ass.