Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ever wonder the effects of a nuclear explosion if it were to go off in your town or city? Interactive map

Ever wonder how much of your city or town can be wiped out by a nuclear explosion? Well wonder no more. A man by the name of Alex Wellerstein made this nifty little thing that lets you choose from a list of know nuclear bombs and will simulate the destructive force of it via blast radius in your city or town.

Kinda scarey the destructive nature of these bombs.

Here is just some of the bombs you can choose from:

  • Davy Crockett
  • Little Boy "Hiroshima"
  • Fat Man "Nagasaki"
  • W-76
  • B-61
  • W-87 "Peacekeeper"
  • W-88 "Trident D2"
  • W-59 "minuteman"
  • B-83 -largest bomb in current U.S. arsenal-
  • "Ivy Mike" first H-Bomb
  • "Castle Bravo" largest U.S. bomb tested, pictured above
  • "TSAR Bomba" largest USSR bomb tested
  • "TSAR Bomba" same name but different bomb, largest USSR bomb designed

Just to name a few. Of course, in order of smallest to biggest.

Have fun guys, this simulator will tell you fireball, air, radiation, and thermal blast radius along with fatality percentages. Be sure to check out the guys blog below.

So what do you guys think? Leave a comment below. Also share with your friends, this is pretty useful stuff and really puts things into perspective.


  1. slightly disturbing,,, interesting to see the range of these things.

  2. Well here's how I look at it... shit happens!

  3. I just nuked Central Park with the Peacekeeper. Yeah that will really keep the peace, by killing everyone. Way to go guys, stay classy.

  4. I live in a really small town so I know we would be wiped off the face of the Earth.

  5. That's insane, can't believe those massive ones have been tested.

  6. Nice post, mate. Will be checking this thing out right after finishing this sentence.

  7. It would be terrible. D:

  8. I live on an island that is 5 miles by 9, so any of those bombs that are 1mt or over would totally destroy us, wiped off the map so to speak, quite scary that is :((

  9. Whole of central Auckland gone. Wowie kazowie.

  10. I am so glad that they didn't have this years ago when I was very paranoid on nuclear proliferation. Since it's out now, I don't fear a thing. I'll laugh it off if we get 'shroom clouded.

    Thanks for the resource, it's a good learning tool.

  11. That's why Iran wants one...

  12. I get to live next to Oak Ridge, a prime target. They would probably aim for Oak Ridge, and I would be killed either from radiation or something pretty fast.

    Also, you have been nominated by me for the Liebster Blog Award! Head to:
    to find out what to do next!

  13. wow..this is crazy!! Nice blog, following!
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