Friday, February 10, 2012

Germany refuses to sign ACTA anti-piracy treaty

Germany had said in the past it would follow the rest of the EU (European Union) in signing ACTA. However due to massive protests throughout Europe and in Germany, the government has now decided it would NOT sign the treaty.

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Thousands of people are said to be protesting tomorrow, Saturday, in over 60 German cities against ACTA.

This is big news. More and more countries are now reconsidering if they should sign it or not and the ones who did sign it are now making public apologies for it.

Hopefully more countries including the United States who already signed it follow Germany's foot steps and reject ACTA. And any other similar crap.

So what do you guys think. Anyone from Germany or Europe want to comment and let us know whats going on down there?


  1. As the largest economic power in the EU, Germany's rejection of this legislation will hopefully affect other member nations.

  2. I never thought I would say this, but I fucking love you Germany. You can invade my borders anytime. I have no idea what my country (le UK) have said about it if I'm honest. Lots of opinions are out there but I don't know what ours is.

  3. I`m starting to like Germany more and more.
    First they give us Lena Meyer, now this, very cool.

  4. I'm in Germany right now, and I haven't heard anything about this. You know what Germany does have that ruins my life, though?
    That thing is evil.

  5. Huhh... I think we saved our skins this time. I love Germany!

  6. No one really considers that website-operators really do not have the means to judge whether a copyright-claim is justified or not. Anybody could claim to be a copyright holder. This is a serious issue.