Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You Wouldn't Download a Car? Would You?

Any of you guys remember this from your DVDs? It was part of a Anti-Piracy message campaign on DVDs and TV commercials trying to compare Internet Piracy to real life theft.

Anyway, most of us would say NO we would not download a car, and we would say that because cant. Its Impossible.

Correction. Used to be impossible.

Welcome to The Pirate Bay's "Physibles" section. Where you can download 3D blueprints of real life physical, not digital, items.

As you can see, with today's technology and the advances in 3D printing field, it is now almost entirely possible to "download" a car.

Now while it may not be entirely possible to download a car, one day soon, you may be able to. A 1970 Chevelle Hot Rod is only 42mb. That's about 10 mp3's lol.

Note though 3D printers are not cheap. They range anywhere from $2,000 to $30,000 and more. 


So, I ask you, would you download a car? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I never understood why there where piracy adverts on videos and DVDs (still don't, actually!). There's obviously no need for those incessant stupid messages if we've actually gone out and bought the blooming DVD in the first place!!

    Wee bit annoying how your treated like you're gunna download illegal copies, which in fact makes me want to download illegal copies so i don't have to see that shite at the start!

  2. Exactly lol. Kinda how the drinking age here is 21 and we are told not to do it, so everyone goes and drinks while underage but in Europe the age is 18 and people 18-21 rarely do it the way we do here! Lol

    1. True! I'm kind of a reverse psychology kind of a person anyway. As soon as I'm told not to do something, I really wanna do it!

  3. agree with dreadnaught, binge drinking ftw!

  4. I'd say I'll wait until I can download people. I can't drive so I can't use the car so I need to download a driver as well.

  5. I download everything, so why not give it a try. Provided it isn't too much work. We people have become a lazy species, you see :)