Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pharmaceutical Company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) sued for $90,000 for illegal vaccine trials on babies

GSK is a major player in the pharmaceutical world and they have been sued for a measly $90,000 for the death of 14 babies in South America between 2007 and 2008 during a series of illegal vaccine trials on numerous babies.

A paper released by the National Administration of Medicine, Food and Technology found GSK to be in violation of well everything when they decided to gather babies for illegal vaccine experiments that have been outlawed already in America and Europe.

GSK recruited doctors to lure in victims by convincing parents of babies to sign a consent form of 28 pages long binding them to complying with the whole experiment.

"These doctors took advantage of many illiterate parents whom (sic) take their children for treatment by pressuring and forcing them into signing these 28-page consent forms and getting them involved in the trials," said Ana Marchese, a pediatrician who worked at the Eva Peron Children's Public Hospital in Santiago del Estero during the trial period. Various doctors, including Hector Abate and Miguel Tregnaghi, both of which were also fined as part of the ruling, carried out the dirty work of GSK by deceiving trial patients.

"Laboratories can't experiment in Europe or the United States, so they come to do it in third-world countries," added Marchese. "These kind of practices are not legal and occurred without any type of state control, plus they don't comply with minimum ethical requirements."

Of the 14 babies who died many more suffered serious adverse effects. The doctors who did the experiments also refused to answer any question from the parents about the babies side effects.

The parents who tired to leave the trials were threatened. They were told if they left they would not any treatment or vaccine for their babies again.

After losing the suit GSK plans to appeal the decision.

What a bunch of bastards. Over a measly 90k too.

GSK continued to deny any wrongdoing, or any connection between its vaccines and the child deaths, and is actually now appealing the fine in court.

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  1. That's disgusting! Forget being sued, the bastards should be shut down and the people involved in going ahead with this trial should be arrested.
    Its horrific when human lives are being played with simply to earn some more cash.

  2. That's a lot of money.

  3. Considering they rake in billions already, 90k is not even a pittance or even a blip on their radar cost-wise. Though by losing the case and not appealing it that makes them look bad, so if they appeal and get the court to nullify it, it's like a "I'm okay" thing. This is a terrible thing and I haven't heard anything on the news about it. 'tis a shame. :<

  4. Even though some babies died because of these trials, I think this is a necessary step to making a better vaccine. You also can't blame the company alone since they gave the parents a choice when the company handed them the consent form. The parents signed that form and agreed to these illegal experiments which makes it partly their fault too. I mean, the parents in this case are in no way better than the company. So if the company is getting punished for this crime, then I believe the parents should too.

  5. "Surprisingly, during same year pediatrician Enrique Smith, one of the lead investigators told reporters: “Only 12 have died throughout the country, which is a very low figure if we compare it with the deaths produced by respiratory illnesses caused by the pneumococcal bacteria.”"