Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Black March

Before I go on, if you havent already seen it or read about it, learn what ACTA is here really quick. If you are up to date on it then skip the video.

And catch up on the old bill, now being rushed in our government, H.R. 1981 "Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act" introduced in 2011, being pushed 2012 after the failure of SOPA/PIPA

Ok, now that we are all caught up, lets continue.

So, what is Black March? Its a boycott of products from companies pushing the onslaught of Internet Censorship laws such as H.R. 1981 and raise awareness of the International TREATY of ACTA.

The boycott will happen from March 1st to the 31st. It plans to hit the proponents of Internet Censorship by hitting them where it hurts most, their wallets and profit margins.

Click picture for bigger view

Share this with everyone. People need to know what ACTA is and what they can do about it.


  1. I'm starting to become some sort of hippy that wants to fuck the system because the system is trying to fuck us. It's outrageous what they are trying to do to something that has changed the world. They are far too traditionalist!

    1. unlike the hippies though we're actually getting fucked by the system and it's actively trying to oppress us, back then they were on track and trying but didn't have a system yet, now they're up and rolling and have no other objective other than to beat us into submission

  2. Thanks for sharing this! It's about time we stand against the fuckers and bring them down.

    I have to 'virtually' whisper this: *my only concern is that most people will say they support Black March, and not actually do it*

    But I will definitely share this in my next post.

    GM x

  3. Wow, this is ridiculous. I think I may have to repost this on my blog (with credits included ofc).

  4. God damn, fuck everything. Returning your follow.