Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bringing Real Rap Hip-Hop Back #1

This is going to be a daily thing for the first part where I showcase rap and hip-hop songs that deserve to be on the mainstream radio instead of these idiots that rap about shit no one cares about except hipster kiddies. Whenever I ask people about rap they hate it and when I ask why, they point out the main rappers popular today and how they rap about bitches hoes money cars weed etc.

I'm embarrassed when I get asked what I like. I state, "underground rap" but its still goes into their ears as crap/ Sorry I meant rap.

Anyway I will do 3 songs for you to sample with some info on each. Most will be underground while others will be known but just not on the radio. Have fun and comment what you think.

CunninLynguists Ft. Tonedeff - Enemies With Benefits

CunninLynguists are hip hop trio from Lexington, Kentucky and Atlanta, Georgia. The group currently consists of Deacon the Villain, Kno, and Natti. The name is a portmanteau of the words cunning and linguist, and is also a play on the word cunnilingus.

Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push II

Fiasco, along with rappers Common, Rhymefest, and Talib Kweli, has been credited as a pioneer of the conscious hip hop movement, which focuses on social issues. Subjects touched upon on Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor include absent parents, terrorism, Islam and religion, war, and prostitution. Fiasco attributes his interest in social issues to his highly cultured upbringing, as he describes his mother as "very intellectual" and his father as a "Renaissance man". He rejects the misogyny common in hip hop, which he discusses in the song "Hurt Me Soul". Despite this, Fiasco is strongly opposed to censorship in music: "If we're going to censor things that are offensive, then we are going to have to blind and deafen everyone. Come on, man. Let's focus on education and literacy and poverty."

Eligh - Shine feat. The Grouch & K-Flay

Eligh is a member of the underground hip hop group the Living Legends. An outside-of-the-box MC and producer, Eligh was an important contributor to the development of Cali's hip-hop underground in the mid- to late '90s as he helped construct the sound of his crew, the Living Legends, with his productions. His inspiration for making hip-hop music came in the mid-'80s from the cult classic Beat Street and the LL Cool J cut "I'm Bad.

Hope you enjoyed the above. There are many many great artists out there incorporating many different styles of music. You are bound to find something you like. To many artists on today's radio just plain suck and are full of shit with no positive messages. Hell most of their stuff is just straight up not clever at all. Open your ears to something a little less..brain damaging.

Today I stuck with something easy on the ears. Tomorrow will be something different.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Lupe, even though SLR isn't very political, it's one of the best rap songs ever made in my opinion.

    1. Agreed SLR is amazing. For people who dont know SLR is Super Lupe Rap

  2. I`m not that into rap, but I used to listen a little Fiasco. He still sounds good, thouhg.

    1. Thats ok, long as you don't group the rappers that say bitch this hoe that with these guys! lol

  3. love lupe fiasco. such an easy flow