Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Beat/Bypass SOPA PIPA ACTA & H.R.1981 and any future Internet Censorship laws

In case any of this shit passes and this information becomes illegal, I will tell you how you can make yourself relatively immune to these draconian bills.

Information on these bills here and here

  • Tor
  • Peerblock
  • VPN's
  • Truecrypt
  • I2P
  • Freenet
  • Osiris
  • Darknets
  • DNS Blocking Circumvention
  • Sample IP List

Option 1 - TOR PROJECT

TOR is a "anonymity" network that you use to surf the internet anonymously. It works by encrypting your information and sending to other TOR users, which then gets sent again to other TOR users over and over until your information reaches the site you want.

Think of these TOR users as layers of an onion. Get it?

However there are some limitations. While the traffic is encrypted and cant be analyzed on the way to the "EXIT" or "END" node (last TOR user before your destination site) it cant be analyzed if that exit node is someone with ill intentions, or anyone monitoring that gap between that person and the site your trying to get to. For safety reasons, dont log in to sites or do your banking etc.

Also because of the methods used, its not recommended to use with bit torrent (high frowned upon) or for websites like YouTube.

Best to use it when you want to remain hidden for small amounts of time.

Another nifty thing about TOR is you can access TOR "hidden services" I wont explain how to do it, but there are guides out there on how. The main reason I wont is because a lot of the hidden services are things you dont want to mess with or look at. Just dont do it unless you know what your doing already.

Option 2 - PEERBLOCK


A software that blocks your computer from accessing known "bad computers" via IP addresses and vise versa. Depending on how you have it set up, you can block anywhere from governments, corporations, machines flagged for anti-p2p activities, campus network police etc.

You can get more block lists form

Can it protect you from being caught downloading content via bit torrent?

Some say yes, some say no. Some say this is almost 100% for anything, some say this is absolute false and will not protect you with p2p or anything. But it doesnt hurt to have some precautions. Even with this you may still connect to a bad IP what just isnt known yet.

Best way to not get caught downloading is to just not do it.

You can toggle PEERBLOCK on or off whenever you want.

Option 3 - VPN

A VPN is a "Virtual Private Network" It is a service you can find for free or paid that will encrypt and route your information (like TOR) to a selected servers in several countries, and then forward it to your destination site.

Same concept except a little more secure. What ever company you go with, may or may not store you info or log, or give it up to any requesting government. Some may let you use it for bit torrent, some may not. It all depends on the company and where they host their servers and their policy.

You can read this and see what VPN's people use and who is secure or more likely to release your info to governments etc. Remember to read the comments, lots of good info in them.

Of all the options, VPN's are your best bet.


Well, if your suspected of anything, and they do come for you for whatever reason, or during some worst case scenario shtf censorship law passes, use TRUECRYPT. Lock those fuckers out.

Give it a read, and check their site out. All info in the link.


Well, prepare for revolution? I dont know. I personally dont think they will go this far, or that they can fully eliminate TOR but you never know.


I also urge everyone to consider the following programs:




Also get familiar with "darknets" and how they work.


And in case you guys havent already done this, switch over to FireFox. And get theses addons:

  •     Adblock Plus
  •     Better Privacy
  •     Flashblock

Fist is to block ads, second is to block "LSO's" aka super cookies (I have 1567 blocked and removed so far to date) and the third one is to block like YouTube videos and flash advertisements. It just has a play button over everything flash so you see what YOU want to see.

Also, Mozilla (makers of FireFox) is ANTI SOPA/PIPA yay


What if another bill or something comes in and does the SOPA DNS blocking?

For those who didnt know the SOPA bill was going to use DNS blocking to censor the web.

Basically DNS  is when you type "" a request is sent out to the DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM (dns) asking what the IP is for google. It does this because the computer doesnt know what "" is. It needs to know the IP.

In DNS blocking, that request is blocked. It wont give you the IP for your computer to connect to. And the site wont come up.

However you can bypass this easily (silly SOPA people) Just know the IP of the site you want. In stead of tyoing try typing in the address

To get the IP's of sites (must be done before DNS blocking) either look them up online or do it yourself with the "CMD" aka COMMAND PROMPT

Go to the lower left of your screen where it says start or has the windows icon, click it, in run or in search (depending on your windows version) type "cmd" without quotations and hit enter.

Ignore how funky the black window looks when it pops up.

Imediatly type "ping" no quotations, hit space bar then type the website ( etc) and hit enter. Let it run and it will spit out the IP.

Note though some websites use DYNAMIC IP meaning the IP changes now and then. STATIC IP is when its always the same.

You can also edit your host file but I dont recommend it unless you know what your doing.

Here are some IP's to get started

# News

# Social media

# Torrent sites

# Social networking

# Live Streaming Content

# Television

# Shopping

# File Sharing


Do everything at your own risk. I take no responsibility for anything. Research everything.

And for you other techy guys who might read this, please post any fixes and thoughts. Im sure I have mistakes, its 4:35am as I type *THIS* lol. 


  1. A VPN should be enough for anyone, hopefully things don't have to go that far though.

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  9. Sadly, this would work against SOPA/PIPA, but not against some of the other, more nefarious laws, like the one that gets your ISP to record everything that you do and file a report every month.

  10. Tyrannical laws need to be overturned or stopped

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  16. Tor is not the future of the Internet is a complex network, but is very fragile

  17. I printed this out and put it on my wall but all the websites will probably be taken down before something like SOPA passes.

  18. For now it is HR 1871 and ACTA that we need to worry about. Especially ACTA, as it is a treaty, so all Obama has to do is sign it and it goes into effect immediately. Everyone should go sign the ACTA petition:

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  22. For the ip thingy, the most webservers have a static ip yes but if dynamic it will change after some time and a webserver has or a static or a dynamic one and not both as explained above.

    And SOPA doesn't do dns blocking >< that would be just stupid, they block the real ip adres, only option then is a iptunnel through a pc which is not blocked to that ipadress.

    Tor network is a little bit suspisicous to me because like said on their own site. The software itself is from the US Military. Although now run by volunteers...

    1. SOPA did have DNS blocking in the bill. Which is why it was criticized so much. It was easy to bypass and would of also caused a lot of instability. It was struck form the bill on the 14th I think of this month before it eventually got put on hold. It cant and wouldn't of blocked the IP. Just the name.

      And as for TOR, it was only funded by the military. Yeah it is a little suspicious but as of now its all volunteers. I wouldn't worry to much about it considering so many people use it world wide for legal and illegal purposes in many countries that forbid it and that have strict censorship.

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  24. I heard that TOR isn't really that safe anymore. Considering that it's free of charge and is known to be used in criminal activities I don't think we'll be seeing TOR around for much longer. Same goes for Peerblock, it's free and doesn't cost a thing but I don't trust it too much.

    A paid VPN is really your best bet.